On Site Caravan Servicing

Servicing your caravan, pop-top, camper-trailer or motorhome ensures that your rig is ready for the next 10,000 kms of trouble-free touring, and reduces your risk of any nasty surprises while on the road. Our comprehensive service program checks everything in your van from wheels to cupboards, to ensure safe, relaxing travel.

We Service all types & models of caravans!

  • Caravan service (including pop-tops, expandas)
  • Motorhome service
  • 5th Wheeler service
  • Camp Trailer service
  • Slide-Ons service
  • Campervan service
  • Trailer service

Undercarriage Service for Safety

Damaged bearings can lead to catastrophic wheel failure. Brake wear can result in longer stopping distances, or not stopping at all. The initial signs of chassis or coupling failure can be hard to spot, but left uncheck can create life-threatening on-road situations in an instant.

Our complete undercarriage service prepares your van for your next 10,000 kms by servicing wheels, bearings, brakes, axles, suspension and coupling components, and is carried out by a licensed mechanic.

Check and Inspect Service

There are a lot of different systems in your van, that all interact with each other. It takes an expert eye to pick issues early on. Our "Check and Inspect" service gives you a full report on items that may be due for future maintenance.

  • Undercarriage - tyres, wheels, brakes, bearings, axles, suspension, hand brake
  • Chassis - rails, outriggers, cross-members, drawbar/A-frame, coupling
  • Jockey wheel / landing gear lubrication
  • Exterior signal lights
  • All moving components
  • Body - signs of damage or deterioration
  • Water Ingress - windows, door, skylight & vent seals. Body joins. Wheel arch joins.
  • 240V System - circuit breaker/RCD operation
  • 12V System - battery condition, charging systems operational
  • LPG System - pressure tested for leaks
  • Fresh Water System - pressure tested for leaks, water tank mounting
  • Canvas wear
  • Gas struts
  • Grey/Black Water System - tested for leaks, water tank mounting
  • Lighting system
  • Appliance test
  • Furniture adjustment - latches, locks and stays
  • Road-test 


Caravan Mobile Servicing

We offer a complete range of mobile caravan repairs for all types of issues from the simple to the complex.

Our Mobile Caravan Service Areas Include:

  • Toowoomba
  • Highfields
  • Crow's Nest
  • Oakey
  • Pittsworth
  • Gatton
  • Allora
  • Laidley

Our fully equipped service truck can provide basic to advanced on-site mobile caravan servicing and repairs including:

  • Undercarriage service - wheel bearings, brakes, axles, suspension
  • Fixing leaks in windows, doors, body work, other fittings
  • Fixing leaks in plumbing and drainage
  • Fixing faulty fittings like windows and doors
  • Fixing faulty electrical systems
  • Fixing trailer plug connections
  • Fitting new small appliances
  • Remove/refit faulty appliances
  • Cupboard locks, catches and stays
  • Warranty repairs

Caravan Roadworthy Checks

A Safety Certificate Inspection covers the basics that could affect the safe operation of the vehicle.

  • Identification
  • Modifications
  • Lights & Electrical Components
  • Body & Chassis
  • Suspension
  • Wheels & Tyres
  • Brakes
  • Tow Couplings

If the caravan complies in all of these areas in accordance to the Code of Practice then the Safety Certificate is issued on the spot.

What happens if I have a defect and it doesn't pass on the first inspection?

Queensland Transport allows you 14 days from the first inspection date to have the defects repaired.

Once the repairs are completed, call us and we will come and complete the second inspection.

If the repairs are completed to the Code of Practice then the Safety Certificate will be issued.

When do I require a Gas Certificate?

If the caravan has gas appliances, fittings or systems the caravan may require a gas certificate. This certificate needs to be issued by an authorised gas installer.

Displaying your Safety Certificate

It is very important that you have your completed Safety Certificate Blue Label card displayed in an obvious place on the caravan such as the drawbar or windows.

This must be displayed if you have “For Sale”, “Interested” or “Like this” on your vehicle. Failing to do this could result in a $550 on the spot fine from the Police or Queensland Transport.

Caravan Insurance Claim Work

Maks carry out caravan, pop-top and RV insurance work for all insurance companies, and have developed a strong reputation for quality work, done on time.

Maks understand that sometimes insurance claims can be a stressful time, as the repair process can be quite an unknown for many customers. We aim to take the worry out of the process by explaining the repair in detail, and ensuring your van is repaired to original condition and back on the road as soon as possible.

Caravans and motorhomes can and have been repaired to new condition even after relatively large accidents. As most vans use a modular construction method, it is possible to replace damaged sections without needing to completely reconstruct the van

Caravan Warranty Repair Work.

We are warranty agents for leading brands of caravans including Jayco, Coromal, Avan, Regal, Retreat, Windsor and more.

We offer warranty repairs for all major RV appliance brands too including Dometic, Camec, Coast RV, Carefree, Aussie Traveller and more.

Macks OnSite Caravan Repairs Toowoomba is your one-stop shop for all your RV, Caravan and camper trailer warranty concerns.

  • First service checks
  • Faulty appliances - hot water systems, stoves, air conditioners
    • Suburban Hot Water System Warranty
    • Truma Hot Water System Warranty
    • Domestic Stoves
    • All Air Conditioners Warranty
  • Fixing awnings
  • Troubleshooting electrical systems
  • Furniture and cupboard installation
  • Leaking fittings - windows, doors, skylights
  • Leaking plumbing
  • Axle alignment
  • Brake adjustment

Caravan Awnings & Annex Repairs

Annex’s and Awnings are something we replace or fit up very frequently.  Whether it is for insurance purposes because it is damaged/delaminating or because you just want cover from the sun we have different Awnings and Annex’s to suit many price requirements.  

We supply Awnings and Annex’s from a number of leading brands:

Kakadu (All season) All Seasons Vinyl & Canvas is the home of the famous Kakadu Caravan Annexs and Camper Annexs. Our annexes, awnings and Caravan Accessories are available in both canvas or vinyl and custom built and tailored to your needs to suit your caravan, pop top, motor home or camper. 

  • Dometic (A&E)
  • Care – Free 
  • Aussie Traveller 

If you are just after a privacy screen we can also supply you these, fit to the size required

For a personalised quote, ring Maks Onsite Caravan Repairs today on 0417 443 165

Caravan Repairs

Caravan repairs in Toowoomba couldn't be simpler. Our one-stop shop and first class service will ensure you have everything you need to get back on the road again!

We carry out all types of repairs from caravans, 5th wheelers to motorhomes. From body and chassis damage to fixing internal problems such as furniture, plumbing and electrical systems.

Caravans and motorhomes can and have been repaired to new condition even after relatively large accidents. As most vans use a modular construction method, it is possible to replace damaged sections without needing to completely re-construct the van.

We believe caravan repairs are a necessary part of life on the road. While we have plenty of regular local customers from the Toowoomba area, we carry out caravan repairs for plenty of visitors coming through the area. Just pop-in and see us for any of your caravan repair needs!

Modern Construction Specialists

We have our very own specialist team that work with repairs to laminated fibreglass sandwich panel bodies (smooth sided units). As there is a large variety of construction methods for these type of bodies, our repair process closely follows the original construction methods.

Traditional Build Experts

Maks On Site Caravan Repairs have obtained years of experience repairing the more traditional type construction of timber or aluminium frame with aluminium cladding.

Full Repair Service

In addition to body repairs we are also qualified to carry out repairs to:

  • Chassis repairs to steel chassis
  • Bent axles
  • Fixing windows, doors, skylights & vents
  • Fixing steps - manual and electric
  • Repairing awnings including re-mounting and re-skinning
  • Furniture repairs and modification
  • Utility system repairs such as 240V, 12V, LPG and plumbing.
  • Replacing plumbing fittings or installing new systems
  • Installing new electrical fittings
  • Appliance repairs for air conditioners, hot water services, stoves, heaters and more.

Toowoomba Caravan Renovations Specialist

Looking to rebuild an old van, fit-out a camper-van or just need some extra cupboard space?

We've got the capabilities to assist where you need. We understand many people love tackling these kinds of projects but sometimes just need a bit of assistance here of there.

We use a range of products for interior fit-outs from the traditional vinyl covered ply, to new foam-cored sandwich panels. Pre-finished materials are great for quick construction and resistance to spills and water. Lightweight materials help save fuel. And traditional materials will keep the budget down.

Caravan & Boat Storage

MAKS On-Site Caravan Repairs are also known as Toowoomba's storage facility for caravans, RV's, Boats and Camper-Vans.

We have storage for your caravan, mobile home, fifth wheelers and boat trailers on our fully fenced gated property, which is monitored and maintained 24/7 for your peace of mind.

You can choose from open air storage, shade sail or even under cover shed storage. All of which is available for short term or long term storage depending on your requirements. Keep your caravan secure and out of site but readily available for when you need to have a vacation.

Caravan Electrical Accessories

Reliable Electrical Inspection and Repairs for caravans in Toowoomba

Maks Onsite Caravan repairs Toowoomba specialise in servicing and maintenance of all models big or small, Caravans, Campers, Pop-tops and Trailers All servicing performed by our team of fully licensed and qualified 
mechanics using genuine parts. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Installation of solar accessories as well as refrigerators and rear view monitors
  • Fitting of LED lighting
  • Complete set-ups of satellite television
  • Battery inspection and replacements
  • 12v and 240v repairs, modifications and installations

Caravan Gas Certificates

Toowoomba’s fully qualified specialist for Mobile Roadworthy, RWC Safety Certificate ,Gas Certificate & HVRAS Inspection Examiners.

MAKS specialise in issuing Mobile Gas & Roadworthy RWC Safety Inspection Certificates for Caravan, Camper Trailers and Trailers in and around the Toowoomba region. If you require any of the listed services below, then please contact us.

We are your QLD Caravan & camper trailer registration transfer specialists.                                                                  

  • MAKS Mobile Caravan Inspection Service - Camper Trailer Gas Certificates Toowoomba
  • Mobile Caravan Inspection Camper trailer, Trailer RWC Safety Certificates Toowoomba          
  • Mobile Marine Gas Certificates ToowoombaHVRAS Trailer  Inspection Certificates Toowoomba


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